Hainan plastic inspection well manufacturer

Hainan Shuzhou Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier specializing in the production and sales of disposable injection molding plastic inspection wells, PE steel mesh skeleton composite pipe fittings, PE water supply pipe fittings and municipal pipe series products. The company is committed to the application of new environmental protection materials in the field of engineering construction, with various businesses covering the whole country. The company cooperates with Chinese companies and major domestic developers.


Hainan Plastic Industry Co., Ltd

Make unremitting efforts to provide customers with high-quality products and

Sincere, considerate and professional service

Your needs are fully met by plastic industry in Shazhou!

eighteen billion one hundred and eighty-nine million seven hundred and ninety-six thousand three hundred and eighty

Outstanding brand in the industry

Industry outstanding brand

High security

24-hour door-to-door solution

High efficiency and energy saving

Green and environmental protection

Install and configure according to customer requirements

Have a complete and scientific quality management system and advanced technology

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