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How to install inspection well connecting pipe

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How to install inspection well connecting pipe

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Hainan plastic inspection well    

(1) The installation sequence of the connection between the well seat and the pipeline of the inspection well shall start from the upstream section of the service pipe, and then be installed in the sequence of well pipe well, and gradually extend to the downstream branch pipe.

(2) The construction method of well seat joint and pipeline connection shall be consistent with that of pipeline connection of the same type of joint.

(3) The connection between the well seat and the inlet pipe and the drainage pipe needs to be reduced. When reducing joints are used, when the diameter of the inlet pipe is smaller than the diameter of the well seat interface pipe, the pipe top shall be connected flat; When the outlet pipe interface of the well seat is larger than the downstream pipe, the pipe connection shall be butt jointed at the inner bottom of the pipe.

(4) For the installation of the saddle joint, special tools shall be used to make holes on the shaft wall according to the shaft size and the diameter of the connecting pipe. The edges around the holes shall be flat, and the saddle joint shall not be installed on the slope.

(5) When the underground water level is high or during the construction in rainy season, technical measures shall be taken to prevent the well body from floating when the pipeline (including inspection well) is installed (but the water filling test has not been conducted).

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