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Precautions before installation of steel mesh skeleton composite pipe

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Precautions before installation of steel mesh skeleton composite pipe

Date of issue: 2023-09-18 Author: Click:

  Hainan steel mesh skeleton pipe  

High quality materials and cash production process are used in the production of steel mesh skeleton composite pipe, so it has good pressure resistance and excellent flexibility, and has a long service life, especially suitable for long-distance buried water supply and gas transmission pipeline systems. In order to ensure the construction quality of the pipeline and the use effect in the later period, the following aspects should be paid attention to before the installation of pipes.
1. Inspection: HDPE steel wire mesh skeleton composite pipe shall be inspected before construction to see whether it meets the standard requirements, such as appearance, size and other requirements. Those that do not meet the requirements shall not be put into use.
2. Blanking: due to the length to be determined when turning, tee opening and reducing the pipe, the pipe shall be cut according to the length and size designed in the required drawings. The pipe length shall consider the socket depth of the pipe fittings and the polishing allowance of the pipe orifice (if the pipe is cut flat, it may not be considered).
3. Sealing: cut the pipe end and use PE welding rod to cover the steel wire by manual plastic hot surfacing with welding gun. The welding rod shall be as smooth as possible, and the end face shall not be exposed. After cooling, the flanging shall be polished to avoid affecting the installation.
4. Removal of oxide layer: in order to improve the welding performance, the welding surface of the pipe needs to be removed of the oxide layer and polished with a thousand blades. When removing the oxide layer, the entire periphery should be evenly polished to cover all aspects. No missing scraping is allowed. The scraping length is 30mm longer than the socket depth of the pipe fitting. Pipes with diameter below dn110 shall be scraped with glass chips as far as possible. The inner wall of pipe fittings also needs to be cleaned. The small diameter can be scrubbed with alcohol, and the large diameter can be scraped off. Since the inner wall of pipe fittings is covered with copper wires, soft grinding discs can also be used for electric grinding to avoid grinding heating wires.

5. Alcohol (acetone) scrubbing: after polishing, clean the surface of internal and external pipes and pipe fittings with a cleaning rag or cotton yarn with alcohol (above 95 degrees) or acetone to ensure that the welding surface is free of mud, oil and other dirt. When the rag or cotton yarn is dirty during use, it must be washed with clean water in time.
6. Cool drying: during assembly, ensure that the pipe fittings and pipe ends are dry, and no water drops are allowed for assembly. If it is not cooled and dried, it is easy to produce bubbles during welding, which will affect the bonding of the fusion surface.
7. Marking: mark the socket depth of pipe fittings at the end of HDPE steel wire mesh skeleton composite pipe. The mark size is equal to the socket depth of pipe fittings, so as to ensure that the pipes are socket in place and the welding quality is ensured. If the socket is not in place, the heating part will be exposed, the fusion welding area will be reduced, the pressure bearing capacity will be greatly reduced, and the plastic in the pipe fittings will collapse during welding, causing pipe fittings to be welded through. When making marks, the marks must be obvious and clear.

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