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Maintenance of drainage pipe network

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Maintenance of drainage pipe network

Date of issue: 2023-10-09 Author: Click:

Hainan Municipal Pipeline

(1) Thoroughly remove the sediment (sludge and garbage to ensure the complete circulation of drainage pipe network) in the pipe well, put an end to the phenomenon of ponding in sunny days, rainy days, and sewage overflow, and strive to minimize the maintenance index, eliminate the missing and defective manhole cover, and eliminate the hidden danger of serious height difference of manhole cover frame, and strive to maximize the safety index, To ensure the integrity of pipeline functionality.

(2) Correctly check and find out whether there are obstacles and damages to the structure in the pipeline, so as to determine the type, level and location of the faults in the pipeline, and effectively repair them to ensure the structural integrity of the pipeline, so that the entire drainage system is in a long-term benign working state.

(3) The ultimate significance of drainage pipe network maintenance management: 1) Be able to comprehensively grasp the correct data of the entire drainage pipe network, and truly understand the operation status of the entire drainage pipe network. 2) It can ensure the long-term good operation of the entire drainage network of the territory and ensure the safety of one party.

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