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How to avoid blockage of plastic manhole pipe network

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How to avoid blockage of plastic manhole pipe network

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Hainan plastic inspection well

Blockage of the pipe network of the plastic inspection well is a very troublesome problem. This article tells you how to prevent such incidents and how to solve them if they occur. Let's take a look

The mechanism of drainage pipe network is gravity flow. When designing pipelines, it is a key problem to balance the gradient and burial depth of pipelines. For the drainage capacity and efficiency of the pipeline, the greater the gradient, the better, but this will also increase the buried depth of the pipeline. The buried depth of the pipeline is in direct proportion to the construction cost and operation cost. The normal design slope value range is 0.3%~0.5%.

When designing the structure of the guide chute, it is necessary to avoid the confluence of water flow and ensure that all water flow deflects to the downstream outflow direction. Especially when there are two or more pipes converging, the design of the diversion groove is more particular. The diversion grooves under different conditions of left and middle confluence, right and middle confluence, and left and right confluence shall be designed into different structures. The diversion groove on the right is very unclear, and the water flow end face is easy to become disordered in the well seat.

When the left and right water flows in at the same time, it is easy to produce a hedge, which will cause huge head loss and cause sewage retention. When there is only one direction of flow from left to right, it is difficult to flow out of the middle without the guiding role of the diversion trough. When designing sewage pipe network, one of the core guiding principles is to discharge sewage to the designated outlet as soon as possible. Without clear diversion trough, it will be difficult to achieve the design effect.

Nowadays, many special cleaning tools can clean pipelines, and mud pump is an important one. The sludge in the inspection well shall be cleaned first, and then the pipeline to be dredged shall be sectioned. The main way of segmentation is to match the pipe diameter length. The same pipe diameter needs to be analyzed as a whole.
The blockage in the pipe will then be diluted. We can use some special high-pressure trucks to inject plastic inspection wells into the wellbore. Of course, use the cleaning device. Then, use a special sewage suction tool to suction the sludge.

For low elevation plastic wells, the well covers can be opened and cleaned manually. On the main road, the diameter is generally larger, the buried depth is deeper, and the cleaning time is shorter. Common cleaning methods include: mud suction truck, cleaning and opening to traffic. The finished plastic inspection well in the construction area is deeply buried and can be cleaned slowly.

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