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PVC-U pipe

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PVC-U pipe

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Scope of application  

PVC-U pipe is rigid PVC pipe, and the pipe wall structure includes double wall corrugated pipe, reinforced pipe, flat wall pipe and steel plastic composite winding pipe. Steel plastic composite winding pipe is usually connected by inner sleeve bonding. Double wall corrugated pipe, reinforced pipe and flat wall pipe are usually connected by socket and sealed by rubber ring. For flat wall pipes, when the pipe diameter is less than 200 mm, they are mostly connected by bonding. Based on various advantages of PVC-U pipe, it is widely used in municipal drainage and rainwater pipes, and is convenient for construction and installation.



When PVC-U pipe is used as drainage pipe, the concentration of hydrogen sulfide gas in the pipe is much higher than that in the concrete drainage pipe, and PVC-U pipe has good sealing performance for odor. When PVC-U is used as a drainage pipe, its production energy consumption only accounts for 20% of the drainage cast iron pipe with the same pipe diameter. It has low cost, aging resistance, good thermal insulation effect and long service life, so it is widely used in municipal drainage. The material of PVC-U pipe is brittle and not resistant to external pressure, so when the pressure requirement is high, reinforced pipe or steel plastic composite winding pipe is used, with good compressive performance.


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