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Power protection tube

Power protection tube

  • Detailed introduction

Power protection pipe is a product with PE (modified polyethylene) hot-dip plastic or epoxy resin for internal and external coating, which has excellent corrosion resistance. At the same time, the coating itself has good electrical insulation and will not produce electric erosion. Low water absorption, high mechanical strength, small friction coefficient, can achieve the purpose of long-term use. It can also effectively prevent the damage of plant roots and soil environmental stress.

The electric power industry belongs to public utilities and has been monopolized for a long time. In recent years, competition mechanism has been introduced in the field of power generation and sales, but transmission and distribution still have a natural monopoly. Since the power industry is related to public welfare, the United States and Britain have established a regulatory system for the power industry according to their respective characteristics. Practice shows that regulation is not only conducive to ensuring public welfare, but also conducive to improving the operation and management of the power industry. It is a management model that deserves attention. However, the production competitiveness of power pipe is increased because of its advantages of convenient connection and simple maintenance.  

 Hainan ductile iron manhole cover power protection pipe

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