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There are several kinds of plastic inspection wells in Hainan

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There are several kinds of plastic inspection wells in Hainan

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How many kinds of plastic inspection wells are there in Hainan? Plastic manhole is an indispensable product for modern construction engineering, because in addition to environmental protection, it also has the characteristics of good sealing, corrosion resistance and long service life, and the application scenarios are also diverse, such as sewage manhole, rainwater manhole, etc. How many kinds of plastic finished manhole are there? Generally speaking, the materials of plastic finished product inspection wells are similar. According to different functions, they are divided into the following common plastic finished product inspection wells.

1、 Urban road inspection well

Urban road inspection shaft refers to the shaft used to inspect drainage works and clean and dredge the sludge in the underground ditch. The pavement water collected at the urban road gutter inlet is led to the inspection well through the connecting pipe, and then discharged into the drainage main through the inspection well. The inspection well is usually set on the roadway. The cover plate base of the inspection well should be firmly paved, and the top height of the cover plate should be consistent with the road height.

2、 Sewage inspection well

Sewage inspection well is the inspection well set up on the drainage pipeline system to inspect and clean the pipeline. At the same time, it also plays the role of ventilation for connecting pipe sections and pipe systems. The pipe section between two adjacent wells shall be in a straight line, so inspection wells shall be set at the change of pipe section, slope, intersection and elevation, and inspection wells shall also be set in sections on the long straight pipe section (the interval shall be specified according to the pipe diameter and the type of rain and sewage).

3、 Rainwater inspection well

At present, the urban drainage adopts the rainwater sewage separation system, and the structure of the rainwater inspection well and the sewage inspection well is basically the same. The rainwater on the street pavement first flows into the drainage pipe channel through the gutter inlet through the connecting pipe. The form, number and layout of inlets shall be determined according to the number generated by catchment area, drainage capacity of inlets and road type. The location of the gutter inlet shall ensure the rapid and effective collection of ground rainwater.

4、 Desilting well

The desilting well is an inspection well with a desilting tank. The well can collect impurities such as mud in sewage, and mud can settle in the well, so it is called a desilting well.

With the policy of abolishing brick inspection wells in various places, plastic inspection wells are now used in mainstream inspection wells. In the construction cycle, plastic inspection wells can be used several times faster than traditional brick inspection wells, and their performance and environmental protection are beyond brick inspection wells. For more information, please pay attention to the official website of Hainan Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

 There are several kinds of plastic inspection wells in Hainan

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